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We are coachhire4u

No of staff
Total No Of Vehicles
No Of head offices (CH4U) is a trading name of County Coaches (UK) LLP and has been operating since 2010

Sister Company Theobolds Coaches and Holiday limited T/A has been Operating since 1969

Gardville limited is our holding company where all the staff are employed. Gardville supplies both of its sister company’s CH4U & Theobolds with Drivers and Operational staff is an independent garage owned by the directors to supply services to maintain the fleet of both CH4U and Theobolds

Our fleet will provide the very best in comfort, safety and technology along with latest up to date carbon friendly engines to the specification that meets our customers requirements.

From 4-seater executive saloon cars to full size 70 seat executive coaches, travel all over the south of England, throughout the UK and into Europe. Whether it’s corporate travel, private hire, excursions or your daily commute, we can cater for all of our customers travel needs. Indeed our teams proven logistic excellence ensures that we can manage complicated events with ease, from airport closures to conference transport, giving our clients total peace of mind.  safety is assured. All of our vehicles are routinely inspected and maintained by a team of skilled technicians, ensuring that they are perfectly presented and in excellent working order. Having an independent garage on site also allows us to rectify defects/ and or body damage without delay.

We use technology where we can, to make it easier for the team. Daily walk around checks are now completed by and APP. We are just completing a driver App where the driver will obtain his worked automatically linked to TOM TOM commercial software imbedded in the App. This App will also allow the customer to tip the driver. This App also reduces the need for paper and makes it easier to communicate with the driver and report defects

Some of our customers have an in house built web site to track and see where there bus is.

All vehicles are equipped with the latest technology including , GPS tracking, CCTV . This allows our operations team to pin point the exact location of the coach at any time and re-route the driver if necessary journey. Nationwide Plus, part of Coach Hire 4 U displaced passenger service, offers a complete nationwide rapid response service inc Ireland to meet the aviation’s and rail industries need to ensure than any displaced passengers are transported to their destination rapidly. 

More than just simple coach hire, Nationwide Plus can provide cars – coaches via our 24/7 operations department almost anywhere in the country. where possible we utilise our own fleet but where necessary we utilise the services of like minded operators providing the same standards as our clients expect.

Where do you fit in?

A platform to acheive

Great Environment

Better environment provided here at coachhire4u for all our staff. Great people and team to work with in each department.

Better Tools

At coachhire4u we have provided everyone with the right tools to give everyone the opportunity for success in their field.


Employee of the month and employee of the year awards are rolled out every month and year respectively for those who does an extra mile.

Training Provided

Training provided from the day you step into the door as an employee, whole staff has a very welcoming and positive approach to all out new staff in any department.

Medical Insurance

Insurance is also provided at some of the departments here at coachhire4u to make sure out staff gets more benefits.

Your Skill Matters

We say your skill matters no matter which background or ethnic group you come from. We welcome all those who think they can make a differnce.

We are coachhire4u

Current Vacancies

To apply for any role with us, simply click on apply now and choose your desired role. Fill in the form and submit. Leave the rest to us we will get back to you once we receive your application.